In the few posts before this, I was building a simple eCommerce website for my friends http://www.hifridays.com. The website sells women clothing targeting the working class ladies in Singapore.

I started my own business, I wanted to shout “hurray!” but the time is not right yet. Currently, I am developing my own website using WordPress.org.

I went to Fiverr recently wanting to find some people to do some work for me but to my horror, I realized that my account has been blocked! I went to message Fiverr support and they gave a very vague and standard reply. I wished they can be more specific as to the reason for blocking the account.

To end this off, today is exactly one year after I left my 8 to 6 office job to explore this world as a freelancer and learning about starting a business. Not much to brag but I really learnt a lot.



Hello! I thought it would be proper for my first post to introduce myself as well as my intention on starting this account.

About Me
– I am from Singapore.
– I turned 25 years old last month.
– I quitted my office job two weeks ago and started out as a full time work-from-home freelancer so as to help out with my boyfriend’s startup.
– I love technology.

There is only one intention right now while I am writing this post and that is, to document down the process of starting out as a freelancer, the challenges I face, as well as the journey through this less explored path (at least from where I am).

Nice to meet all of you! I hope the above is enough to get us started here and hope my experience will help some of you out there! 😀