Sweeter Achievement

Hardship to a Sweeter Achievement

Sweeter Achievement

I took up a two-week job in order to supplement my income from freelancing as it wasn’t sufficient to cover my expenses. I got an average of one order ($4) per week at Fiverr and so I thought I could take up additional job.  Two days ago, however, I received two orders (Admin & Excel) on the same day, to be delivered within 24 hours.

I usually research on the topic of interest prior to working on the required job so I know I’m running against time.  I did research while commuting to and from my temporary job. Then started working on the earlier order (yellow pages search) after my family dinner around 8P.M. I completed the first order around 10.30P.M. even though the buyer only bought a one hour work because I did some filtering to eliminate duplicated entries extracted from yellow pages and search for required details that wasn’t on yellow pages.

After a shower and some food, I began working on the second order (Excel for Mortgage Amortization) and completed it around 2A.M. It took longer then usual as it was an area I wasn’t very familiar with and had taken extra care to make sure I did not screw up the formulas. Initially I wasn’t sure if the pie chart that was requested is what the customer wanted but I received positive review right after I sent the Excel to the customer! I am glad I had met his expectations! I hope the customer for the first order will be satisfied too.

Even though I had to wake up at 6A.M. the next day, seeing satisfied customers make it all worthwhile. Through hardship, the achievement will be sweeter. 🙂


Tips from Customers

Tips from Fiverr

One of the happy moments of freelancing through the Fiverr platform is when you received tips from buyers when you least expected it.

Recently I received tips from two Fiverr orders and am really elated. It just motivates me to work even harder and provide even greater service to my customers.

Thank you so much to my customers and customers to-be!

Another Update of Fiverr Progress!

Orders in Apr 2015

Orders in Apr 2015

This week I received two orders for administrative tasks! There was no order before this since 14 Feb and I was getting worried. Glad orders came in again with positive feedback! 😀

Fiverr Apr 2015 Feedback

Fiverr Apr 2015 Feedback

On another note, I have been learning a new programming language when there wasn’t any order on the various sites – Ruby on Rails (RoR). It is an interesting programming language in which a lot of things are simplified. Shall update if I ever got my new site up and running! 🙂

First Review Received on Fiverr!

I just completed my second order on Fiverr today for some administrative work and reviewed my first review! 😀

After one month since my freelancer journey begins, I have started to see a rise in the messages I received on Fiverr during this whole week. One have resulted in the order I received today! Some are clarifications and some are work that I am not qualified for. Hope orders will start streaming in slowly!

Sometimes patience do give results. 🙂

Knowing Oneself: the Skills you possess and the Services you can provide

After two weeks and not getting any income from Freelancer.com, Fiverr and Guru, I began to feel anxiety bubbling inside me. In order to calm myself down, I decided to explore other means of earning. I started by thinking about the skills I have and what I can do for others.

Living in a bilingual environment all my life, I believe I’m able to provide English-Chinese translation since both are my native languages. I could probably search for online translation providers and see if there is a way for me to join them as a translator. Skills that you possess since young might not appear so to you immediately since you have been doing it for a long time. However, what might seem like a normal craft to you might be something that others really need!

Through the past few jobs I had, I’ve gained a lot of hands-on experiences in various type of data entry and in usage of Microsoft Excel and Word. Particularly in my first job after graduation as a Procurement Executive, my secondary secretariat duties allowed me to gain advanced Word and Excel skills which I had no opportunity to use previously. Some of these Word and Excel functions and VBA macro are very useful but not everyone knows them! Probably I can explore more to see how I can utilise these skills…

The last one I thought of was transcription of English audio, which is a service that anyone competent in English can do! I only found out that such service exist after browsing through some of the “Gigs” in Fiverr. Researching on online transcription service providers is another item that I have added to my to-do list.

To-do list:
– Research on online translation service providers
– Research on online transcription service providers
– Explore on possible services with advance Word and Excel skills

I have started searching on websites providing transcription services and will write about them as I start exploring them one by one! Good luck to you and me on our freelancing journey! 🙂