, Fiverr and Guru (2 weeks’ experiences), Fiverr and Guru are the first online freelancing websites I tried and in this post I’m going to list the characteristics and the differences that I have discovered. These are just my observations and comments from the past two weeks only and others might have different viewpoints on these.
– Limited number of bids per month.
– Freelancers submit bids with proposals for jobs they want and employers will award to one freelancer with the most attractive bid and proposal. After which, the freelancer will begin working on the required tasks.
– Other than job postings, it allows employer to post “Contest” where freelancers will submit their work and the employer will choose the work that they like best, i.e. outcome based. E.g. Contest for logo design where freelancers will submit logo designs and the employer will choose the design they like best.
– Various level of paid membership upgrades available.
– A fee will be deducted for each job you get.

– Freelancers post “Gigs” for services they provide and will receive notification when someone would like to buy the service.
– Service is provided at USD$5 per “Gig” with options for additional service at extra charges.
– “Buyer Requests” section shows services that people want to buy, just like a job posting, except that you can only send in your offer if you have a “Gig” that is suitable for that request.
– Limited number of offers that you can send everyday.

– Freelancers can post the services that they provide on their profile.
– You can apply for a job from the job listing if the service required matches any of the services you provide.
– Limited bids per month.
– Various level of paid membership upgrades available.
– A fee will be deducted for each job you get.

1. These three are very saturated with freelancers. From your profiles at each site, potential employer can see the number of jobs you have completed and the feedback you have received. So as a newbie, we are greatly disadvantaged as employers usually accept the offer from a freelancer with good feedback and ratings.
2. I think some of the job postings on are fake as the same one is reposted everyday. I even think some of the jobs are posted by the freelancers themselves to award to themselves to make their profile look good. So it will be good to do some filtering yourself before applying.
3. Personally I felt that the Contests at are worth participating especially if the prize is high and it is something that you can do. If you are interested, you can check out one of my contest entries on infographic design which I almost win here!
4. In Fiverr‘s Job Requests section, sometimes I find that Fiverr does not allow me to select the “Gig” which is suitable for the job and I find it frustrating. Since you send in offer based on your “Gig” and you can’t edit the offer.
5. For Guru, as a basic member (free), you only get 10 bids per month which I think is very little as compared to which has more.

Exploring freelancing opportunities for the past two weeks

Over the past two weeks since I quitted my job, I have been exploring the various opportunities available to me as a freelancer.

My initial research (through Google), brought me to this UK website which listed down a few freelance jobs for students which I thought is applicable for new freelancers too. So I decided to try out on a few websites that they have provided and till date I have tried out, Guru and

These are websites providing various online freelancing opportunities even though each of their structure is quite different. I will elaborate on my experiences with each of them in my upcoming posts after I experiment with them a bit more.