Using WordPress to develop an eCommerce Website

For the past few weeks, I have paused all my work on Fiverr to focus on developing an eCommerce website for my friends. I have been using WordPress (not to develop the website using Ferado theme by WooRockets and WooCommerce plugin.

There are plenty of guides to get me started. One good example is Setting up WordPress locally using MAMP so that my friends will only need to buy the website domain and hosting server after the website is ready. Once I have decided the theme to use (Ferado), I want to to customize it and to do that, the best practice is to Create a Child Theme. This is especially important if the theme has periodic updates and you won’t want the changes you made to disappear after the updates.

To help my friends cut down costs, I use themes and plugins that are free. Ferado was free just for one month at Envato but as a free user it means that I won’t be able to receive updates and support.

As an over precautious person, I backup my files and database before plugins and WordPress updates. For every customization I made, I pushed a copy of the theme and plugin folders to GitHub to track changes.

Till date, a few important tools I learnt using WordPress and SiteGround hosting are the PHP programming language (the dominant programming language in WordPress), PHPmyAdmin (for managing your database) and cPanel (for managing files for your website).


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